Studies along with co-curricular activities has been the most important point when it comes to Bodhisukha School. Bodhisukha School has organized the volleyball competition (15-12-2022) for the senior boys and they played amazingly. The way they played, with their immense sportsmanship spirit. It was amazing to watch! The Volleyball Competition cannot be forgotten, along with the coaches and the participants of each house while they pose for the camera. The Volleyball Competition with the senior boys was so amazing because they had put in some great effort within a short period of time.

That’s how they treat the ball when it’s coming towards them after flying in the air.
They are all so engrossed in the game that it’s overwhelming to watch them play!
An open ground, a lot of passion and a volleyball is what it takes to make the volleyball competition so engaging.
Team Red House
Team Yellow House
Team Green House
Team Blue House