Industrial Workshop at Bodhisukha School

All about the Workshop at Bodhisukha School by our Senior Students, is based on the different types of Industries. An amazing effort by them along with the guidance of our teachers. India even been an agricultural country has varied industries, be it cottage industry, Agro-based industry, forest industry, or be it Iron and Steel Industry. The students have put in a lot of effort to know and learn about these industries. The more they learn, the more they are aware of the industrial condition and the pathways to make it more progressive and enhanced.

The group smiling with their effort in their hand!
Hard work put up in a form of workshop!
These miniature version of their effort made in the form of model says a lot about their accumulated patience in working out the project!
Happy are those faces whose hard work is seen in the way they had painted and curated such amazing charts and models for their project
When their teacher has their back, no hurdle can stop them to be successful!
How can we forget the blessings from our Chairman Sir, who is mesmerized to see the creations by our little one’s!
An amazing moment that appreciated the lens with Chairman Sir and the students explaining their creative effort!
They are so engrossed in their effort to be explained and get the best results out of it!
All the happy faces, with such great effort and such amazing pillars to guide them!
The way Chairman Sir appreciated the beauty of their creation there can be no other destination for their work!