Bodhisukha School has organized the English Exhibition on (13-12-2022) Tuesday. Here’s some of the glimpse of the exhibition. The students enjoyed participating in the exhibition as it had enhanced their creative knowledge and the way to deal with the subject in a lot more easier way than before. The amount of students visiting the participants exhibition was amazing as they saw many of the charts and models prepared in such an innovative way, that they were amazed by it. An excellent opportunity put forward by the school authority for it’s students which helped them enhance their skill a lot more than it was before.

Here’s blue house explaining their part
The queue coming at the yellow house booth to witness their take on the exhibition
Yellow house along with their charts and models for the English Exhibition
Red house becoming all set for the English Exhibition
This long queue is before green house, their exhibition was fabulous! It was arranged is such a way that there was live demonstration before it!
The long standing queue before the blue house booth to witness their presentation about the exhibition
How can we forget blue house as they are busy with their preparation
When red house explains their topic well!
The way green house explains their bit
Here comes the yellow house preparing themselves for the exhibition
Red house explaining their part through their charts and models!
The preparation of green house for the English Exhibition