All about Demeter Food Fest, that Bodhisukha School witnessed on Saturday (10-12-2022).The students, teachers and everyone else has put in a great effort in helping the students arrange everything. The students have prepared all these food with great zeal and enthusiasm as they knew that everyone will enjoy them while and lastly it’s a competition as the winners and the participants will receive a certificate. The food was undoubtedly delicious and the whole school enjoyed this massive event, because good food can always lift up your mood.

When our judges reach to taste the food that yellow house has prepared!
That’s when the judges come to taste the food prepared by Green House!
The condiments that go with aloo kabli and chola makha!
Here comes some sweet dish, which was absolutely delicious and that’s chocolate laddoo by red house
This long queue is before the phuchka counter!!
How can we miss phuchka? The favourite dish of all, it is worthless to describe a phuchka as the taste says it all!
And here comes aloo kabli, the most lip-smacking snack of Bengalis!

And here’s they called it as “Chola Makha”
The Preparation of yellow house before the Demeter starts!
And when auntie,(she be the sweetest I tell you) tastes the food!
The two most amazing dishes, papdi chaat and chicken salad!
Red house also comes with caramel popcorn, which was again delicious!
Red house were already prepared beforehand with their food and presentation!
And here’s to the favourite breakfast of all times, and yes it’s the sandwich!
Here the plate is being prepared! It was really delicious I tell you!
This is when the students come and enjoy each and every food from the counter!
Here our judges who happens to be our beloved Principal Ma’am, Our Manager Sir, and our Ananda Bhante with the blue house tasting their dishes!
The preparation of blue house before the Demeter starts!
Here the plates are all decked up with amazing colours for the papdi chaat!
The preparation of green house before the Demeter starts!