Cancer Awareness Program

On 24th January, 2016, a very important and fruitful health camp was organised at Bodhisukha School campus by RRYBSL Mission. It was all about the most alarming disease of modern world ” Cancer”. The Vice president of RRYBSL Mission, Ven. Dr. Nando Batha, being a philanthropist always uses to think about the betterment and wellbeing of human race. Cancer is the greatest threat of the world now and by 2020 every one out of four people are going to be its prey. That is why considering the urgency of Cancer Awareness Dr. Nando Batha arranged this camp. The chief orator was Dr. Shaikat Gupta,Head of Onco Surgery, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata, one of the best hospitals in eastern India. Around 100 people were being attending the program. Doctor explained the important aspects of cancer in various ways. And it became lively when those were visualised through big projector. Venerable Dr. Nando Batha efficiently interpreted Dr. Gupta’s Speech in Burmese and thus the people present understood all the important informations regarding Cancer such as symptom of Cancer, possible protection, 20160124_112209 copynecessary food habits to prevent Cancer, Stages of Cancer and different ways of available treatments and so on. In short it was really extra ordinary for each and everyone present there in the camp. At the end Ven. Dr. Nando Batha told that in future also he will arrange such educative and informative programmes for the benefit of human beings.