Bengali Exhibition was organized by Bodhisukha School on (15-12-2022).These exhibitions enhances the way they present themselves in such a creative way, from their lessons learnt under the guidance of our teachers. The way they explained about the language through the help of charts and models, it was so beautiful to watch them and hear them. The students get encouraged as they can show their creativity in every way possible through the help of these exhibitions.

The long standing queue before the exhibition that all the houses have put up.
And all the counters are filled with the students who are watching the exhibition.
They way they had dressed themselves up and the way they presented themselves it was so nice to hear them as well as watch them saying their part in the exhibition.

Green house is also all ready for the Bengali Exhibition along with their team!
Yellow house at their booth awaits for their turn in order to explain their part in the exhibition
And here comes blue house who were also brilliant in the way they portrayed their explanation as a team.