swachhata shapath day

Bodhisukha School remains grateful to CBSE for giving the direction to observe the SWACHHTA PAKHWADA from 1st to 15th September, 2019.

Bodhisukha School, Kathor, Badu, Barasat, will enthusiastically organise various activities like Hand washing, Community outreach, Competitions, Speeches, Debates, Quiz and others for realisation of the programs.  Special lectures will also be arranged in school.

Bodhisukha School strongly believes in maintaining cleanliness not only in school but also in the surrounding community and not only for a few days of the program but also throughout the life time.    Cleanliness should be main moto to each and every individual.  In this respect we would like to give our society the message of “Clean and Green India”, and thus we pledge “I WILL REMAIN COMMITED TOWARDS CLEANLINESS AND DEVOTE TIME FOR THIS.  I WILL DEVOTE 100 HOURS PER WEEK TO VOULANTARILY WORK FOR CLEANLINESS.  I WILL NEITHER LITTER NOR LET OTHERS LITTER.  I WILL INITIATE THE QUEST FOR CLEANLINESS WITH MYSELF, MY FAMILY, MY LOCALITY, MY VILLAGE AND WORK PLACE.”