Bodhisukha School has organized Social Science Exhibition on 19-12-2022.There were some very extraordinarily beautiful presentation given by all the houses along with their mentors who happens to be the teachers who had guided them through. Bodhisukha School tries and enhances the talent that the students have in them. Their potential is displayed in the form of charts and models as well as some live demonstrative figures which they have placed in to reflect as highlights of the exhibition. An institution is proud to have students like this who have immense potential to make things happen.

That’s the vast set up laid out by the Red House, and I tell you their presentation was no less than a grandeur of an event within a event that was put up
The long standing queue before the exhibitions!
That’s the model presented by Red House which represents Supreme Court
Yellow house and team along with our Manager Sir
The models here are varied, one is the one explaining about the wind mill, the other is about the importance of solar energy whereas another is about the knowledge of rocks
That’s the model they had designed to explain what Water Cycle is!
Blue house is all set for the exhibition!

Green House and their booth!