Inter-House Kho-Kho Competition for Junior School girls was organized by Bodhisukha School on (14-12-2022).They played with passion and enthusiasm that was unmatched. It was so amazing to watch them run, and travel from one end to the other while they are chasing as runners or they are playing. Sports teaches the spirit of cooperation amongst us, and they all were so bonded amongst each other as well as keeping the competitive spirit alive.

And they are all alert, as soon as there’s a kho! and no sooner they began running!
The instructions they have to follow while being in the game are always mandatory!
And that’s how they enthusiastically run when they are in it to win it
Run, and win it’s time to win now!
They are so enthusiastic for their turn!
The players waiting for their turn
The match begins and they all are chasing
The kho-kho players from the Junior section are all ready to play