Happy Children’s Day

Bodhisukha School has organized The Children’s Day on 14th November 2022. Children ‘s day is organized to keep the children alive in them as the teachers and Bodhisukha school has organized a program to make them feel enjoyed. Magic show, Dance, Song, Recitation, Cake Cutting Ceremony with the students made the event even more bigger. The glimpse of it can bee seen through the pictures, which witnesses the teachers and the students together in an attempt to make each other smile through their gracious effort. It’s their greatest celebration, they had a blast. Their happy and colorful faces are evident of it.

Beauty at it’s best- Dressed in brights and the celebration has it’s highest zest
How can we forget their smile – It’s a priceless possession they carry with them
These sweet desserts are the exemplary of the greatest celebration Bodhisukha School had on the Children’s day!
The best apparel for them when they are the teachers- The School Dress
This amazing drill the most awaited magic show – witnesses our beloved Principal Ma’am and the Magician
The little enthusiasts along with their guide!
These mesmerizing faces are so happy to look at – It’s the greatest celebration for them!
Joining hands in an effort to cut the cake – Replicates their future endeavors along with their teacher!
These happy faces tend to be the happiest because it’s their celebration – Their prettiest presence graced the stage!
Whenever they hear “cheese’ their faces beam the brightest of light along with their pink cheeks
And when all the happy faces are the bravest in their attempt to smile and gleam with joy!