Bodhisukha School is immensely grateful to present Grandparents Day on 16-12-2022.We as institution are extremely blessed to have our beloved Grandparents with us, who came on this auspicious day and encouraged their grandchildren throughout the program. They also enjoyed themselves as the school has taken the initiative to invite them, make them comfortable throughout the day and enjoy themselves to the fullest. It was a blast at Bodhisukha School, as the entire ground was blessed by our dearest and nearest grandparents, without their support nothing would have been possible. The initiative was immensely supported by our Chairman Sir, Principal Ma’am Manager Sir, the teachers, as well as the staff.

These little flowers await their performance, for their dearest grandparents!
Yes, as they cheer “we all are ready” for the Grandparents Day!
The grandparents enjoyed their day, and that’s what they should doing enjoying every bit of their day!
Yes, the grandmother’s are passing the ball amongst themselves!
Here’s chairman sir announces the onset of the event along with our beloved teachers
The Grandfather’s are all enthusiastically participating in the musical chair!
Auntie gives the medals to the position holders from passing the ball
And here’s another grandmother winning her position!
Auntie gives the medal to the winning grandmother, and the moment that the lens captured is the sweetest!
The little grandmother and grandfather with our beloved Principal Ma’am
Our beloved Principal Ma’am with our little cute grandfather
The last two participants of ‘passing the ball’ game!The Grandmother’s had a tough fight amongst themselves I tell you!
The grandmother’s are all dancing at the music and enjoying themselves, their we can also see our sweetest auntie!
Here are the winners from the musical chair, our beloved auntie gives the medal to them!