“Friendly Cricket Match” came to it’s conclusion when the teams had their Semi-Finals and Finals through the knock out session. All the guardians and the teachers were so engrossed and dedicated towards this match. Their effort, discipline and their zeal for the match made it more worthy to watch the match.

That’s the perfect onset of the “Friendly Cricket Match” when our Chairman Sir showers his blessings upon all the teams through his speech!

All the fielders are ready for that one ball, and the shout out from the commentators side that’s a “out”
They all run to make sure the decision is on their favor! Whether it’s a “out” or a “six”
Here’s the decision maker: We call it the score board!
There comes the ball, and the batsman is ready to hit it!
And that’s how they celebrate when they had made a wicket down, of the opponents!
That’s how the teams prepare their strategy before the match began!
The commentators team were cheering so enthusiastically. The commentary made the cricket match more lively!