Bodhisukha School proudly presents the winners of the Essay Competition (senior sections) where the topic was “How to maintain Discipline at Bodhisukha School”. Discipline is the way one learns a curriculum. It teaches not only moral values but also it incorporates a major change in the routine activities. Imbibing Discipline in a set structure; here Bodhisukha School teaches the students to be a better individual as they grow up.

His winning speech made us clap, as we were overwhelmed by the way he presented his essay
It was really worth listening to her essay, the way she presented her with such beauty and the words placed at the perfect order, to make it a winning essay out of the lot.
The winners captured in a frame holding their certificates with great pleasure.
His essay was also enough to make the other students understand how should we maintain Discipline in Bodhisukha School
More cheer and knowledge to them, as they tend to grow with all these small little activities both in their curriculum and as a better human being.
The happy winners, posing for the camera as their essay made them win this prestigious certificate of honor.