Bodhisukha School witnessed the Annual Sports Meet 2022 on Friday, 25th November for the senior school, and here are some of the glimpses from the grand event that has all the color in itself! Sports instils discipline and determination to that extent where they get to learn with each step they take either individually or as a team!

The field is ready to witness these boys run!
The way they run to reach their destination to keep the sportsmanship alive!
The winners be like!
A different set of winners and the same victory stand embracing them!
Our Honorable Chairman Sir, gave out the medals to our winners!
This discipline we call “karate”!
The way they run to reach their destination to keep the sportsmanship alive!
When they pose for the camera, they be like, the happiest!
Winners of the go as you like, the junior section!
When the winners belong to different houses, but a friendship between them is keeping all the discipline which we call Sports!
This frame is so powerful are the girls and their supporters in the form of our teachers stand in a frame to provide them encouragement
Though we see some similar faces as winners, we should celebrate their talents to lay hands at medals in different events!
Run, run, run you have to make your house win!
They are running for their relay race with their house stick at hand!
The boys with their sacks are hopping towards their destination!
And here we present the winners of the race!
The way they ran, it was just a fraction of a second and they reached their destination!
The senior section winners from the go as you like event!
It’s their prime opportunity to receive medals from our Honorable Chairman Sir
The victory stand is no more out of life when it has winners like this standing on it!
This group of winners were so proud upon making their house move towards a win!
Winners, winners, and the winners receiving their medals from our Chairman Sir
And the winners of the three-legged race ,standing at the victory stand!
Way to go girls, it’s so mesmerizing to watch you people fight and win! Auntie came once again to distribute the medals among our winners!
The winners for the relay race be like!
When they participate in the competition with full enthusiasm and zeal how can they not be the winners!
The Guardians team grab the trophy for the Friendly Cricket Match as the winners!
And here are the winners from the race!
They are proud to make their house move towards the win!
Though we don’t have the first position holder here, but this frame is symbolic of these winners who happens to keep the sportsmanship spirit alive!
How can we miss these winners, they fought for their position and made their way to the victory stand!
He doesn’t only gives out the medals but also blesses each one of the students which is that priceless token of love that is not shareable!
The first position holder received many medals, she can be described as the one talented participant that Bodhisukha School has!
The winners here are the happiest when they receive the medals from our Honorable Chairman Sir
Their team won the Friendly Cricket Match!
Green House gets this man of the match here!!
The skipping race for the girls began!
The long strides they take towards win is something mesmerizing to watch!
The winners of the cock fight!
Our beloved Principal Ma’am gave out the medals to the winners!
The man of the match from our Friendly Cricket Match!
And here’s auntie, giving out the medals to the winners!
The winners and their smiles, can we ever ask for something more in such a beautiful frame like this!
Run faster, your destination awaits you!
The winning teams of the relay race as our beloved Principal Ma’am came here to distribute the medals among the winners!
It’s all about relishing for the need to win, when girls are seen fighting for their position
How communicable is the win, it encompasses almost everyone who gave their best made to the victory stand!
Auntie came to distribute the medals and she be the sweetest as she graces the frame with her beautiful smile!
The winners of the skipping race, received their medals from our Honorable Chairman Sir
The Inter-House Sports Championship winners are the “Yellow House”, yes you heard it right!