Admission procedure

The main object for which the school was established are:

  1. To increase literacy and education of the communities.
  2. To upgrade the the cultural and moral status of the communities.
  3. To grow and develop the children both physically and mentally.
  4. To bring up the children is a way that would lead them to happiness and self-reliance.
  5. To emerge the children with the country’s mainstream development trend.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction is English out and out as per rules of CBSE Examination, New Delhi. The school also has the provision of teaching of Hindi and Bengali as second languages.

Teaching Staff

The school has recruited highly qualified, trained and experienced teachers selected purely on merit basis. Most of the teachers are convent educated and Kindergarten trained. Nursery classes are dominated by play-way method. Teachers are committed to complete the syllabus prescribed for each term. Monthly test will be regularly held to assess the graded and corresponding achievements. However, we are strong opinion education means drawing out and not pumping in.

Guardians Gathering

School dairy is a regular bridge of communication between the teachers and parents. Moreover, the school will convene”Teacher-guardian Gathering Meeting at intervals for face to face dialogue and exchange views for cherished improvement of the students concerned. We strongly believe that this Meeting must bring about a radical change in creating a harmonnious relationship between the guide at school and caretaker at home.


  1. The student are expected to maintain the discipline of the school.
  2. If the school properties intentionally damaged or destroyed fine will be charged at discretion of the headmistress/principal.
  3. Writing on the walls and plucking of the floweres are strictly prohibited.

Admission Rules

Application Form for admission and the prospectus can be available at the school office during working hours. The candidates will be interviewed and or Admission Test will be taken during February to April.
The following certificates and testimonials must be produced at the time of admission.

  1. Xerox copy of Birth certificate.
  2. Doctor’s certificate of physical fitness.
  3. Three copies of recent passport size photographs.
  4. Original transfer certificate(in case of a student coming from other school)